Need new process equipment? Get a complete package from DIR. A complete package eliminates hassles, saves you time and saves you money. Our Package includes design, fabrication & assembly management, on-time setup and startup. Packages have many components from variety of manufacturers. It’s always best to mate these components, adjust and test them before they are shipped to save undue time at site.

The Separators are used successfully as production separates, test separators, 2 phase & 3 phase separators. We provide many different solutions for internals in order to maximize performance and minimize operating cost. We offer ASME code manufacturing under our quality control and the guarantee of the equipment covers the process, the mechanical and all other issues. The equipment is delivered turnkey as a package with all of the pressure and level controls, pre-piped and skid mounted for easy portability and setup.

The key factors for dehydrating natural gas are, reset water concentration targets of sales gas, prevent the formation of hydrates/condensation of water during processing and transportation, Increases the heating value of the natural gas and corrosion prevention. DIR offers TEG, MEG and molecular sieve based dehydration of natural gas. The system is mounted on skid for easy installation and multiple usages on different sites.

Raw gas contains inert gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur based acid gases and nitrogen. These must be removed prior to use or sale of natural gas to prevent corrosion and increase BTU rating and value. Depending upon your gas composition we offer complete packages for CO2, H2S and N2 removal.

The process, in its simplest form, starts with a high pressure absorption column that is either packed or trayed. The liquid amine, which may be MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA, or an amine mixture, absorbs and chemically reacts with natural gas. The amine-rich liquid is regenerated in a low pressure stripping column that is thermally driven by steam, hot oil, or a direct fired reboiler. The complete package includes series of heat exchangers, pumps, control valves, flash tanks, air-coolers and PLC based control system with a centralized controller module. The complete package is provided in shape of skids for easy on-shore and off-shore installations.

Membrane module for CO2 removal contains millions of single hollow fibers. Feed gas if passed down the bore of the fibers at one end of the module with enriched methane gas exiting from the opposite end. CO2, H2S and water vapors are removed and vented away from feed gas.

Gas & crude oil heaters may be direct or indirect. Heating medium may be water bath or diathermic oil. From simple water bath heaters to complex crude oil heaters with forced circulation, meeting all end user and international standards (API, ASME, etc.)

We design and supply hydro carbon dew point plants using refrigeration and/or J-T (Joule-Thomson) effects. These plants may be designed to produce LPG with the addition of Depropanizer and debutanizer columns, or they may produce a stabilized liquid product void of methane and most ethane.

Nitrogen rejection is difficult technical separation because of the similar molecular size fo nitrogen and methane and the lack of selective reactivity. We design and supply three type of NRUs based on pressure swing absorption (PSA), Cryogenic separation and lean oil absorption technology.



  • Filter separator
  • Production and test separators
  • Gas scrubbers
  • Gas heaters skid
  • Heater Treater Skid
  • Gas dehydration system
  • Gas treatment system
  • Slug catchers
  • Pig launcher/receiver



  • Wellhead manifold
  • Gas stabilization package
  • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Compression package
  • Pumping skids
  • Hot oil package
  • Fuel gas conditioning
  • Condensate stabilization package


  • Air driers
  • Production and test separators
  • Hydrogen production & purification


  • Water treatment system
  • Water desalination system
  • Waste water treatment